Whether it's a school, business or individual, we can help bring positive changes to the lives of your

          students, clients, children and family members.  Below are detailed descriptions of what we offer.




Bal-A-Vis-X Training Sessions

Integrated States offers Session A Training.  This training is 17 hours in length. 

*See specific information on Bill Hubert's web site,


We also offer a Preschool 8 hour training.  


Dependent upon your needs, we can overlay classroom management, ideas on how to infuse Bal-A-Vis-X with academics and ways to set up after-school programs.


In our training you will receive an informative packet, covering the essential elements of Bal-A-Vis-X. 
It contains Bill Hubert's Book List and an evaluation tool for Carla Hannaford's Dominance Profile. The packet also includes classroom management tips, as well as academic and after school program ideas.


Teachers receive recertification credits, and OTs and PTs can submit a letter from BAVX to the State to get CEUs.















Bal-A-Vis-X Group & Private Sessions


Integrated States offers private half hour sessions for individual or small groups of children and/or adults.

We customize each session dependent upon your special needs.  The sessions generally last for six weeks, meeting once or twice a week. The cost is $40 per weekly class. These sessions can be held at your residence or our location on the North West side of Tucson, Az.

A consultation, including the Dominance Profile and Eye Tracking Assessment is required before the sessions to create the best plan for you. The cost for the consultation is $50 for an hour session.


All materials for the sessions are provided.  These materials may be purchased, at cost, for continued practice at home.


If we are working with children a parent must attend each session.  It is important that the parent learn the proper technique of each exercise, for continued practice at home. 


We highly encourage parents of children we work with to attend a Bal-A-Vis-X Training.