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About Us

Anne Wheaton and Terry Tinney have been educators in the Amphitheater School District in Tucson, Arizona with a combined experience totaling 52 years.  Anne was a Physical Educator for a K-5 school retiring in 2015, and Terry was a primary classroom teacher at the same school until she retired in 2012.


Anne and Terry conducted an after school Bal-A-Vis-X program at Mesa Verde Elementary School for first through fifth grade students for eight years. Some of the students were referred for academic interventions, others joined because they were interested in learning Bal-A-Vis-X.  All of the students involved in the program enjoyed the challenge of learning new exercises. The multiple benefits of Bal-A-Vis-X impacted all the students. 


This program was fun and challenging for all who participated.  Bal-A-Vis-X was used daily in Terry's primary classroom.  It was an integral part of her brain based teaching. She found that the focus and attention of her students increased because of the daily Bal-A-Vis-X routine.  


Now, their goal with Integrated States is to enrich the lives of both children and adults by bringing Bal-A-Vis-X  into their lives.  The Bal-A-Vis-X Exercises that number more than 300, help to integrate the brain. This in turn helps with focus and attention, speech, auditory processing, and stress.  


Feedback from seniors who have used the program indicate that these exercises help with memory, as well as feeling more alert and energized. Both children and seniors have shared that Bal-A-Vs-X is just plain fun!


Anne Wheaton and Terry Tinney are both sanctioned Bal-A-Vis-X Trainers, and are available to hold trainings as well as private sessions.

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