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Group/Private Sessions

Whether it's a school, business or individual, we can help bring positive changes to the lives of your students, clients, children and family members. Below are detailed descriptions of what we offer.

Integrated States offers private half hour BAVX sessions for individual or small groups of children and/or adults. We customize each session dependent upon your needs and goals. The sessions generally last for six weeks, meeting once or twice a week. The cost is $40 per session. These sessions are held at our location on the North West side of Tucson, Az.


We also offer BAVX/Tutor sessions for children 5-8 years of age. In these sessions we generally offer 30 minutes of BAVX and 30 minutes of academic tutoring. The cost for this hybrid session is $55 for an hour session.


A consultation, including a Dominance Profile and Eye Tracking Assessment is required before the sessions to create the best plan for you or your child. The cost of the consultation is $50.


All materials for sessions are provided. BAVX materials may be purchased, at cost, for continued practice at home.


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