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(All articles, letter or excerpts are reprinted with permission from the original authors)

"I am writing to highly recommend you strongly consider having staff members trained in Bal-A-Vis-X (Balance-Auditory-Vision-Exercises) offered by Miss Terry Tinney and Ms. Anne Wheaton.  This incredible training will enable your trained staff members to conduct exercises with students that greatly impact their ability to succeed in school. The program is all research based and has been implemented in countless schools across the country as well as around the globe.  Thanks to the innovation and research by the originator of Bal-A-Vis-X, Mr. Hubert, students of all ages are finding success in the school environment that one time was intimidating, frightful, and confusing.


Miss Tinney and Ms. Wheaton are both master teachers with a tremendous and wide range of experiences working with children and helping them succeed.  They will not only teach the important foundations, concepts and skills of Bal-A-Vis-X, but will also model countless power, researched based, proven instructional strategies.  The feedback from participants of their sessions is always of the highest rating with typical comments being, “This was amazing! I learned so much about learning.  These facilitators were the best as they kept us engaged and presented us with plenty of feedback. I loved and appreciated the modeling.  It was a watch and learn and the students can mirror what we do”.


Over my thirty-year career I have been a classroom teacher,  an instructional coach, a building administrator, a professional development specialist and most recently a principal supervisor.  I have attended countless hours of trainings and without a question the Bal-A-Vis-X trainings is the best I have been through.  As a building administrator where the program was implemented I have seen first-hand the tremendous positive impact it has on students.  It improves their focus, concentration, stamina, tracking and perhaps most importantly their self-confidence!


Miss Tinney and Ms. Wheaton spent countless hours with originator Bill Hubert in order to become sanctioned trainers of this valuable program.  As a life-long educator and learner I realize how precious our time is and the difficulties of scheduling trainings for teachers’ and other staff members to attend and be away from their classrooms but I encourage you to “make it happen” however necessary because your students deserve the best and these ladies will deliver it every time!"

Foster Hepler

Principal Supervisor and PD Specialist

Window Rock Unified School District

Window Rock BAVX Training (November 2019)

"Kelli Started Bal-A-Vis-X four years ago to help with coordination and balance, a result of two traumatic brain injuries and three strokes.  From the onset of Kelli’s balance and movement improved.  Since Kelli has limited use of her left-hand, it was exciting to see her using the left hand to catch and bounce the balls and the bags thus using both sides of her brain.  After a year there were distinctive improvements in her vision which the neuro-optometrist concluded were the result of her Bal-A-Vis-X therapy.  Kelli eagerly comes every week to work with Terry and Anne.  As a retired educator, I wished Kelli could have had Bal-A-Vis-X training as she struggled through her schooling, especially with reading."

Joyce Meyer, M.ED


"Thank you for an amazing training experience.  I feel truly blessed to have found you.  I am looking forward to practicing and beginning right away! I really appreciated how patient and kind both of you were.  I can honestly say I felt more coming this weekend than I did from the vestibular therapy I had been going to previously.  I had no idea I would be helping myself out as well as my child.  Great investment!!!"

Maria Bock


BAVX Training February, 2020

"Bal-A-Vis-X has been wonderful for our six-year-old.  We noticed almost immediately great improvement in his focus and concentration. One goal was to see behavioral changes at home but expected those changes much later.  However, the therapy helped in this area right away also.  Our little guy loves coming every week!"

Cindy Harrison



“Terry and Anne, I wanted to share with you, working with a 7th grader with mild ID. I was assessing skills in writing numbers. The first he did before Bal-A-Vis-X, after about 3-5 minutes of doing the 1 and 2 ball rectangle and oval, he wrote the second one. No visual supports were given or telling him what was wrong as I just wanted to assess where he was. This was amazing!"

Bernadette Pierson - OT

Attended September 2021 BAVX Training

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